Original London Six Day Memorabilia Disovered

From the 1979 Skol Six at Wembley.

The Six Day cycling scene is massive in Europe with major showbiz events with audiences in the tens of thousands happening throughout the winter, but few in the UK know that the first “six” was actually held in the UK, at what is now the Business Design centre in Islington, or that we had our own Six throughout the 60s and 70s entitled the “Skol 6” held in it’s later years in Wembley Arena.

We stumbled across the original judge’s scoring panel from the 1979 Skol 6 in an undisclosed location, you can clearly see the scoring rules and description of the “traffic light” used to notify riders whether the race was team, individual or neutralised.

Now, we all know Winston can be a bit cagey about his age, however he inadvertently confirmed he’s over the hill, by jumping up and down excitedly claiming “I was there in 1979!”….he now wants to turn it into a coffee table.

The judge’s desk as we found it

The rules and below close-ups of the logos /stickers.

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3 Responses to Original London Six Day Memorabilia Disovered

  1. David Palmer says:

    I was there and still have the programme. I seem to recall the main music played at the event was the track “Popcorn”.

  2. admin says:

    Indeed it was, I also remember Queen’s “Another one bites the dust” as riders crossed the line during the devil.

  3. Terry Ede says:

    Hi I went to Skol 6 in 1978/9/80. I think I made more than 3 visits but I only have those 3 programmes. On one occasion I was lucky enough to have admission to the V.I.P. box. Lots of great memories – Patrick Sercu, Danny Clark, Willy deBosscher. Although I never rode track I loved 6 day racing.
    For what it’s worth!!! I still have one of my old BLRC licences.

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