Rourke Speed Bike – Rollapaluza Challenge

We were privileged to have Guy Martins record breaking Rourke/Hope bike for our own record attempt, only this time on rollers – and not being towed behind a truck but in London’s premier cycling cafe Look Mum No Hands, Hackney which was a perfect venue for the event.
Our riders would have 90 seconds to try and set the fastest speed and an opportunity to race our normal 500m.

Sam Sullivan

First up was Sam Sullivan a previous National Series winner, it was evident from Sam’s first attempt that just turning over the massive gear was a feat in its self, Sam peaked at 172kpm, next up was Jenny Crouch who who became the fastest women reaching 180kph.

Jenny Crouch

Rollapaluza Racing youngster Atiba reached the dizzy hight’s of 193kph but the old guard Jim Sullivan (Hillbilly) ramped it up to 209kph.

Atiba Quildan

Then the big two BMX rider Rob Reed who got the speed up to 215kph, finally sprint champion Craig Maclean like the Rourke bike Craig was built for speed his calfs being so big duct tape was needed for protection against the outer chain rings.

Craig patiently built up speed before putting his all in to the effort, hitting a massive 225kph, putting it into perspective I doubt the average rider would even manage to turn a pedal stroke while this bike was on our rollers, this was a 400inch gear ( don’t know what that means) but basically one revolution would take you 30m.

Rob Reed

The next test was our conventional 500m race using the Rourke bike, in the women’s race Sam completed the distance in 14.25 but the fastest again was the London Dynamo rider Jenny Crouch becoming the fastest women over 500m with a time of 14.09 that equates to a speed of 127.8kph.

Craig Maclean

In the men’s competition Jim (Hillbilly) time was 12.50 just pipped by Atiba in a time of 12.06.

Jim Sullivan (Hillbilly)

Next up were the big two Rob and Craig as all these efforts were from a standing start this is were the difference was made once the wheel was spinning you would be flying but getting it up to speed looked extremely painful, the times were getting progressively faster Rob doing 11.70 but Craig took the spoils again becoming the fastest man over 500m with a time of 11.34 – 158kph.

Craig Maclean

This bike and the gearing is almost the polar opposite of our normal Condor bikes and obviously suited the powerful rider, the big sprinters,there was no sitting on the saddle and spinning it was more a case of out of the seat getting you weight over the bars and using brute strength to get the bike up to speed, an interesting thought is, how fast could Craig Maclean get this bike up to behind a truck?

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