A Memorial to Wayne

Goodbye Wayne.

Recently we lost our biggest personal supporter, Wayne Peach. Wayne will need no introduction to hundreds, maybe thousands of London cyclists and even if you never met him, you may well be aware of his presence through his work; design. Great design which he offered for free to countless small businesses, clubs and community groups.

Wayne approached us, he liked what we did, saw something he believed in and crucially spotted we knew nothing of design or presentation. He created our whole identity, really everything,  not just what you see in the creation of our logo, event posters, club kit and equipment but long chats, sometimes in person, sometimes in email, about how to present Rollapaluza and ourselves and Wayne was always right. We were mostly wrong. He did so much for us, almost always refusing to be paid and playing his magic trick of not making you feel in debt.

This isn’t a testimonial to his work, that would be odd, but in life and in work he was the same “do it right” was the unspoken mantra to everything he did, and he did it right for us on so many occasions, in work and in life.

Few people get to leave a genuine legacy, but Wayne is one of the few, he will be forever remembered by the many hundreds of people touched by his generosity and kindness and every time one of us sees a logo he created, a website he helped or an illustration he drew, we will remember the big man who will truly live on in the hearts and minds of all who were lucky enough to meet him.

The following gallery of Wayne’s flyers show how he blurred the line between work and play, nearly all of these were done in support of grass roots events that we all enjoyed. He was incredibly generous with his ideas and invested what seemed like a huge amount of himself into each and every project on which we worked together.

Caspar will miss his regular chat’s which frequently turned from work subjects into hearty discussions about one of their mutually favourite subjects, music. In fact, Wayne named Caspar’s current band Scorcha late last year.

Wayne will be sorely missed by all of us.


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