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Rollapaluza is a static cycling activity perfect for public engagement, marketing and publicity events, staff team-building or health / sustainable transport promotion, community outreach work and corporate entertainment

Riders compete in pairs or fours on static bicycles over timed sprint distances to the accompaniment of pumping music and MC generating a unique atmosphere. Rollapaluza is suitable for all from the age of seven upwards. Previous cycling experience is unnecessary and no special clothing or footwear is required to participate.

Previous corporate clients such as PwC, Nokia, Levi’s, Oakley, Seat, Adidas and Red Bull have used Rollapaluza for recruitment campaigns, product launches, public engagement campaigns, trade show activations and special events.

You may have seen Rollapaluza on TV: we have featured in New Tricks and Steve Backshall’s Deadly 60 on BBC1; A League of Their Own on Sky1; Amazing Greys on ITV1; The Cycle Show on ITV4; and Gamechangers on SKY Sports.

Rollapaluza is available client-branded, for an additional charge we can remove all Rollapaluza branding and assist you to fully brand the activity, equipment and team. View our branding guide here.

Our more economic standard Rollapaluza branded setup is suitable for many corporate events and some clients choose to “co-brand” our attendance at their event, the choice is yours. We can also work with your designers and event set / stand designers to create bespoke setups. Please see images below for examples of Rollapaluza and client-branded setups.

 Rollapaluza branded setup

Typical Rollapaluza branded setup, if you require we can re-brand everything you see here with your logos, images and message.

Our event Services: When you book Rollapaluza you book a “plug and play” activity that can be setup in any location, indoors or out. We can fulfil events throughout the UK and Europe and can field up to four teams in one day. We are used to fulfilling multiple day campaigns and working with you to promote your brand.

All our events come with the following as standard:

  • Equipment hire: (Rollapaluza rigs, all ancillary equipment and spares)
  • Bicycles: Condor Rollapaluza specific track bicycles in child and adult sizes
  • Crew: We provide an experienced team to fulfil our attendance at your event, DBS checked and First Aid trained crew are available when required. One of the team will MC the event
  • PA and Music: we provide a suitable size PA for your event, choose from mini PA great for office, shopping centres - to our 1k PA for larger events
  • Results: We take basic data from all participants and provide a full classification of all participants in four categories (men, women, boy, girl).
  • Photos: We take a “snap” of all participants
  • Results and photos can be published to our site and / or passed to you for your use
  • Transport to and from your event is included in all quotes. Accommodation is included where required (Client can also provide accommodation if they choose)
  • Social Media: We have a dedicated social media person who can promote your event to our friends and followers if you choose.
  • Health and safety: We provide Health and Safety documentation upon request and are fully insured for 3rd party liability

Optional Extras (Free of Charge)

  • Special rigs: Our standard rigs are our most popular however we also have a “bumpy” MTB rig equipped with Surly single-speed mountain bikes, BMX rigs with brand new Haro race BMX bikes, racing over shorter distances great for children and our Brompton rig, specially adapted for our famous Brompton folding bicycles, one for the commuters!
  • Data capture: As standard we take names and ages, plus opt in emails. We can capture any data you require from participants.
  • Generator / battery packs: In general we require one domestic power socket however if electricity is not available we can bring a generator or battery packs at no extra charge
  • Gazebo: If your event is outside we will bring one of our branded Rollapaluza gazebos
  • Leader Board: if available we can bring and operate a leader board

Optional  extras (fees apply):

  • The four up rig: If our standard Rollapaluza setup just isn’t exciting enough we can bring our four-up rig. Great for high capacity events it also enables us to have greater flexibility in race formats and team events
  • Named TV MC: we can arrange professional MCs, some you might recognise from cycling coverage on TV
  • DJ: We usually operate a playlist, however we can bring a “Rollapaluza” trained DJ trained to match music to participants and generate atmosphere
  • Professional / Elite / Olympic cyclist: Upon arrangement we may be able to secure attendance by an Elite athlete and possible Olympians / Olympic medallists
  • Prizes: we can provide Rollapaluza prizes such as Tees, cycling caps, cycling drink bottles, medals and trophies.
  • Tailored events: If our standard service and options are not quite what you are looking for we are happy to work with you to create the event you want

 SEAT Rollapaluza

Case Study: Client branded custom setup for SEAT at the Outdoor adventure show 2015

Our Two Events Formats

  • Have a Go : A specially designed 'Have a Go' format, a great side show to an existing event. All willing participants have a brief coaching session, as they are strapped in to the bikes in pairs. The starter then gets their ride underway; whilst they are racing we take their photograph and when they finish we award each participant a time card on which a results website address is written. All race data is recorded on our computer, each rider's time, average speed and cadence. Shortly after an event we can deliver the results and photo's for your use and /or post them on our website for the participants to view
  • Competition: Each four hour race event features a qualification where anyone can have a go, followed by a series of head to head knockout rounds and finals. In the knockout rounds men and women race independently creating two  simultaneous competitions. The qualification is run as the 'Have a Go' format and the riders are classified in order of time with the quickest rider listed in first place. After qualification finishes the top four,eight, sixteen or thirty-two riders are taken through to the finals. The riders are called up in pairs and ride head to head to go through to the next round. At this stage the time for each race is less important; all one rider needs to do is beat the other rider. It all culminates in a breath-taking race to the finish to see who will be Rollapaluza champion of the day
  • Team: We offer a points based competition on the 2up rig and a number of team based formats on the 4up rig, more information available upon request

Oakley RollapaluzaCase Study: Oakley 2013 Client branded custom setup


  • Our equipment is manufactured to our own exacting design. Atop the rollers are our top of the range Condor bikes on whom some of the best professional riders in the country ride day in day out. We have replaced the front wheel with a frame that connects the bike directly to the roller rig; this removes any need to balance, allowing the participant to safely pedal at extremely high cadences
  • Hands track the progress of the riders on a giant dial, viewable from up to fifty metres away our digital timing displays the length of time it has taken for the riders to cover race distance. The fastest rider of each race sets off flashing beacons so that spectators can see who has won the moment the race has finished. We have a large stable of bikes and Condor have custom made some children's racing bikes that allow us to offer the Rollapaluza experience to children as young as seven years old

Below: Selection of Custom dial faces we have produced for corporate clients.


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