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Meet the Team

  • Paul Churchill


    Always seeming older than his years, Paul’s career in competitive cycling began aged nine with the slip of his father’s pen. Gaining a BCF racing licence a year early, Paul began a prolific career of mid-pack mediocrity.  He has competed in over 1,000 races at the 1948 Olympic velodrome at Herne Hill and dabbled in circuit races, cyclo-cross, mountain-biking and even a turn at circus cycling.

    Having worked in hospitality, music and showbiz across Europe and North America, Paul joined Rollapaluza when it evolved from an annual event to the high profile events company it is today. He is most proud of the company's schools work which introduces kids to cycling – an innovation that wasn't even his idea. Whether in Brixton or Berlin, Paul impresses with his feats of multitasking - somehow managing online bookings, fulfilling clients’ requirements, coordinating the team via Skype...while taking sneak peeks at cycling racing on TV.


  • Caspar Hughes


    Hailing from the mean hills of Devon, Caspar brings his three superpowers to Rollapaluza. The former YTS mechanic assembles and tunes Rollapaluza’s precision rigs. A graduate of the Musicians Institute London, he can be found behind the decks, blasting out the power chords before every showdown. And, despite 10 years shuttling the streets of London as a bicycle courier, Caspar remains in a select group of amateur riders to defend a sub-20 second time in the 500m sprint.

    It was during his time coordinating Metro Imaging’s couriers that Caspar spotted the modern revival of static bike racing. When 'Goldsprint' appeared at the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Zurich, 1999, Caspar was quick out the blocks. Involved in the inaugural UK event at the Horseshoe pub in Clerkenwell in 2000 and every race night since, Caspar and his business partner Paul Churchill took Rollapaluza full-time in 2007. 


  • Jake Ashby


    Once a shy child from a small village in deepest Dartmoor, the decision of Jake’s brother Caspar to hand his telegenic sibling a microphone, a uniform and a small amount of power has proven fateful. Jake now holds the starter pistol for thousands of Rollapaluza races every year across the country. Never with a decimal point or a hair out of place, great responsibility has moulded Jake into a quick witted,  fast talking compere who, as viewers of ITV4’s Cycle Show will attest, can cram several hundred words into 25 seconds or less without hesitation, repetition, deviation or even a pip of a swear word... 3-2-1, go, go, go,  pedal pedal pedal...