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Suitable for ages 7 and up, we offer children with little or no cycling ability a chance to participate in a thrilling bike event on quality equipment.
In the last year Rollapaluza ran over one hundred school events. In recent years we have worked closely with Sustrans, CTC, local authorities, educational establishments and other groups  to bring our unique activity into schools throughout the country.

Rollapaluza aims to promote cycling as a means of transport, a healthy leisure activity and sport to as many people as possible including non-cyclists and people who do not currently participate in physical activity or exercise.

Our events encourage participation in an activity using the same equipment on which some the UK’s most successful athletes have competed, Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton, have raced Rollapaluza.

Rollapaluza helps to increase access to cycling for groups where opportunities are limited by income, equipment, skills or information.

The events we run provide positive messages supporting the status of cycling to the public. The overriding factor of all our events is the enjoyment of both participants and spectators with a usual 100% participation in each class group.


Rollapaluza can be setup in any school location, in the classroom, PE Hall, canteen or under our Gazebo in the playground. We recommend participation in groups of between 24 and 30, with a maximum capacity of around 36 students per hour.

How we roll

Each group is briefed about the equipment and the activity before they take part.

Our crew assist all participants in setting up the bike to the correct size for each individual and giving them tips on cycling and Rollapaluza. We ask for a member of teaching staff to also be present at all times.

All students are encouraged to race in pairs, which can be boy against boy, girl against girl or boy against girl, though we record their times in separate male and female categories as well as their age group.

We record their name and race time, which we write on a Rollapaluza time card as a memento of their race. If there is time towards the end of the session, we try to run finals between the fastest racers or allow second attempts.

According to individual school policies we take a “snap” of each participant, these photos along with full results are uploaded to our website. Your school can choose to opt out of this standard service or request that this page is password protected and not publically viewable.

During the activity current pop music is played in the background, one of our team “MC’s” the event announcing racers and results as well as generating atmosphere. Teaching staff are asked to cheer-lead and encourage spectating children to do the same.

We can forward our teaching materials regarding Rollapaluza, a printable document with short exercises in Art and Design, Biology, English and Music, with info on cycling and health!


  • The ‘Two Up’ rig is the most popular option and allows head-to-head racing for two riders at a time.  Using our ’Have a Go’ format we can run up to 18 races an hour.
  • The ‘Four Up’ rig allows head-to-head racing for up to four riders at a time. Using our ‘Have a Go’ format we can run up to 15 races an hour (60 riders).  This larger rig offers additional format options including team racing, two against two and four-person team time trials.
  • The BMX rig showcases our adult and kid suitable top of the range Haro BMX bikes.  Racing out of the saddle over a shorter distance this is all about high speed acceleration.


The only thing we place above the enjoyment of our clients is their health and safety.   Our equipment is built to very high standards and is regularly checked and tested to make sure it is in top condition.

 We can provide DBS(CRB) checked staff and each team includes a qualified First Aider.  All our events are insured with our comprehensive public liability policy.  If you or your employees have any medical conditions we advise that you contact your GP prior to taking part in this activity.

 We strive to achieve complete client satisfaction with every aspect of our events.  We pride ourselves on being flexible and helpful.

Rollapaluza community gazebo

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